Debunk These Common Myths Associated with Escorts in Jaipur

Whenever the word “Jaipur escort” strikes in mind, the first thing comes into imagination is sex. Like you, a majority of population thinks that escorts offer only sexual pleasures. However, it is not completely true. Like this, there are many myths associated with escorts; so, it is the right time to debunk those myths and highlight the other side of the coin.

Myth 1 - Escorts Means Sex – Indubitably, majority of males hire escorts for availing sexual pleasures but this is the not the case always. The choices vary from clients to clients. Many clients are looking for escorts’ companionship for a dinner or movie date. So, such clients clearly express their expectations prior to meeting and accordingly rates are charged by escorts in Jaipur. Many times a couple hires escort services in Jaipur so that escorts can unveil details about the kink scene or any other sexual fantasy, which female partners often listen enthusiastically. In few cases, males hire escorts for a CNFM (Clothed Female, Nude Male) job where clients masturbate in their company and expect that escorts should pamper and watch them keenly.

Myth 2 – Escorts Experience Fake Orgasms – Faking orgasms is considered as a natural part of sexual activity. Making sensual noises actually helps in arousing sexual fantasies of a partner. Most of the escorts enjoy sexual intercourse as much as male partners do, so they experience genuine orgasms. Even if few Jaipur call girls fake orgasms, there is nothing wrong in this as it is actually for clients’ pleasures.

Myth 3 – Only College Girls Enter into Profession of Escorts – It is only one side of the coin; Housewives, air hostess, mature escorts to name a few also enjoy this profession as college girls do. However, the purpose varies from one escort to another. Some enter into this profession for bringing fun element into their life, some do it as an adventure and many others are in dire need of money.

Myth 4- Escorts Seldom Maintain Personal Hygiene – People often think that Jaipur escorts seldom pay attention to hygiene factor. But it is not true. On the contrary, escorts maintain their personal hygiene level to the best of their knowledge and keep undertaking medical check-ups on a regular basis. Moreover, they believe in practicing safe sex with most of their clients. So, rest assured while having sex with them, you do not experience any uneasiness.

Myth 5 – Call Girls in Jaipur offer Day Service Only – High profile call girls in Jaipur are known for offering escort services even in the eleventh hour of the day. Whether you want to spend night time or day time, want to roam in the city or around the city, they are happy to accompany you everywhere. They do not even mind accompanying their clients on social gatherings and business trips. It hardly matters for them it is a day or night; they remain focused on appeasing their clients by all sexual means.

Myth 6- Individual Jaipur Escorts Better than Ones Associated with Agencies - Beautiful, educated, professional and intelligent are some of the traits often used to describe escorts associated with reputed escort agency like Adajaipur. On the other hand, Individual escorts may turn down clients’ service at the last moment but the escorts associated with agencies never make false commitment. Moreover, escorts associated with agencies are professional and hold expertise knowledge of different sex positions, unusual sex tricks, etc. Clients often experience best moments of their life in their company.

So, next time, when you plan to hire escort services in Jaipur, without any second thought hire services of reputed agency and have long lasting fun in their company. is an escort agency and is well-known for offering best escort services in Jaipur.